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Alprazolam works on the central nervous system. It affects the brain by slowing down certain chemicals in it. The imbalance of these chemicals causes tension and anxiety. The benzodiazepines or the group of drugs that the alprazolam belongs to, work on these chemicals to reduce this imbalance. In turn it reduces the stress and the tension thus relaxing the mind. Among many other ailments, Alprazolam is very effective in treating anxiety disorders, anxiety from depression and panic attacks.

Who makes generic Xanax?

The medication is readily available in its generic versions at online Xanax pharmacy. The leading pharmaceutical companies that manufacture generic Xanax are Apotheca, Inc. and Actavis Elizabeth; Mylan and Sandoz Pharmaceuticals; as well as Greenstone.

Is Generic Alprazolam as Good as Xanax brand form?

There are many doubts about the generic versions of low cost Xanax. But like all generic medications, Xanax versions to undergo extensive test to prove their quality, credibility and value vis a vis the brand name version. These tests are conducted under strict supervision of the FDA or The U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Based on the test results the FDA determines the equivalency of the generic version to the branded one and assigns a rating. Usually the rating to strive for is “AB”. This means that the drug is truly equivalent to its brand name version and all existing generic versions of cheap Xanax have this rating.

Apart from these active ingredients, generic versions are free to incorporate certain inactive ingredients like dyes, fillers etc. these are different from the brand name mixes. Check the contents carefully especially if you are prone to allergies.

Important information about Alprazolam

There are certain rules to taking alprazolam medication.

It should never be taken by expectant mothers as it could seriously harm the fetus.

Make sure that you check your allergy chart. If you are allergic to benzodiazepines like Valium, Tranxene, Librium or Ativan then chances are that you will be allergic to Alprazolam as well.

Be honest with your doctor. The complete medical history should be discussed so that your doctor knows what could be affected by the drug and what could react. Let him or her know you have kidney or liver problems, glaucoma or breathing problems, depression or any kind of addiction history.

Alcohol and alprazolam do not go together. If you mix the two then the effect of the drug can be unnaturally boosted leading to serious imbalance in the system. Alprazolam can become an addiction easily. Make sure it is only taken by the person it is prescribed to and not randomly shared with friends and family. It should especially be secured and kept away from those who have a history of addiction.

This addictive power is the reason why Alprazolam dosage should not be altered without medical supervision. Addiction leads to dependency. And stopping the drug intake therefore leads to serious withdrawal symptoms which can be painful and unmanageable. These symptoms include stomach pains and muscle cramps, headaches, nausea and vomiting. If Alprazolam overdose happens then one would feel its effects in symptoms like palpitations, blackouts and even seizures, sometimes leading to coma. Minor side effects like headaches, dizziness and lack of appetite can be easily managed once the drug is slowly weaned off the system.

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