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Xanax or generic form Alprazolam is a well-known drug for its calming effects. It is a benzodiazepine which is administered as medication for panic attacks and anxiety disorders. It acts on the central nervous system and activates certain chemicals in the body which can bring back mental balance.

Xanax is widely available in its generic versions and is usually taken as an oral pill. It treats psychological issues like anxiety and panic. People suffering from these are prone to various addictions like alcohol, narcotics or barbiturates. It is imperative that the intake of Xanax not be mixed with any of these. Such interactions can cause unnatural slowing down of the system and even deep sleep, with fatal consequences at times.

Anxiety Disorders and Xanax

There are many kinds of anxiety. The ones we face as a part of our everyday lives do not need anxiolytic treatments. But for those cases where circumstances have made the state of anxiety more serious than could be dealt with individually, professional help is needed. In such cases, Xanax is often the medication used to treat anxiety disorder. It is usually a short term relief for those suffering from this affliction.

What is Xanax Prescribed for?

How does one identify anxiety disorder? The symptoms include:

  • Trembling and palpitations
  • Breathlessness and claustrophobia
  • Cold, clammy hands and unnatural sweating
  • Difficult in focusing or sleeping
  • Restlessness apprehensiveness
  • Sudden startling moments and undue worry
  • Sudden panic attacks

Xanax (Alprazolam) is the medication to deal with the above symptoms. Usually doctors give a steady dosage over a period of time. In cases of recurring panic attacks the dosage is higher.

Xanax Side Effects

If taken at lower doses, the side effects of Xanax are minimal and can be dealt with easily. These usually include lightheadedness or drowsiness which is normal reactions to this drug.

For those taking higher doses due to frequent panic attacks may suffer other kinds of symptoms. These may include speech slurring and amnesia, fatigue, constipation, lack of appetite and loss of weight.

Intake of xanax no prescription pills over long periods of time can lead to dependency on the drug. One should not stop taking the drug abruptly. This could lead to serious withdrawal symptoms like headaches and nausea, fatigues and insomnia, sweating and lightheadedness, and at times seizures. For patients who have been taking low cost Xanax pills for a long time need to be slowly weaned off the drug. This needs medical supervision and should never be done alone.

How to Use

Xanax medication is administered as per the patient’s need and condition, and how he or she responds to the drug. It should be taken exactly as directed by your physician. Depending on your response the dosage is increased or decreased. Do not attempt to alter doses on your own. This could cause severe side effects.

Sudden and abrupt stopping of Xanax tablets intake can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms. If the drug has been taken for a long time the body grows accustomed to it. If it doesn’t get the drug it will show its discomfort in these symptoms. In severe cases it may even lead to seizures. To help prevent such occurrences, you will need professional medical advice. Your doctor will check your dependency level and according lower the dosage. This is done steadily over a period of time giving the body time to adjust to lowering doses and then to nil.

Usually the medication purchased from Xanax pharmacy does not lead to addictive behavioral pattern. Its benefits far surpass its downsides. However, for people who have a history of drug abuse or alcoholism. Unless they stick to the exact dosage they run the risks of Xanax dependency.

If you have been taking this medicine for a long time you might feel lesser effects. This is because the body grows immune to the drug and does not work as effectively as it did before. In such situations you need to tell you doctor how you are feeling. According to how your body is responding your doctor will slowly increase your dosage.

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